Preventing violent radicalisation

In 2006 and 2007, four studies were undertaken on behalf of the European Commission to analyse in depth the problem of radicalisation leading to terrorism from various angles that were considered important for the EU's policy-making in the area. The studies are comparative in nature and based on fieldwork and case studies. CI produced two of the four reports, Beliefs, ideologies and narratives of violent radicalisation and Best practices in cooperation initiatives between authorities and civil society with a view to the prevention of and response to violent radicalisation, which are now available in our publications section.

Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities

The Change Institute was commissioned by Communities and Local Government to undertake research on England's diverse Muslim communities. The result is a fourteen volume series of publications on thirteen Muslim 'communities' grouped by country of heritage. The publications provide a starting point for understanding the diversity of England's Muslim communities and highlight issues both common and unique for different Muslim ethnic populations.